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M. Zavolan and A. Kanitz (2017)
RNA splicing and its connection with other regulatory layers in somatic cell reprogramming
Curr Opin Cell Biol, 52, 8-13
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W. Ahmed and J. Lingner (2017)
Impact of oxidative stress on telomere biology
Differentiation, 99, 21-27
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M. Clerici, M. Faini, R. Aebersold and M. Jinek (2017)
Structural insights into the assembly and polyA signal recognition mechanism of the human CPSF complex
Elife, 6, e33111
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M. Vlot, J. Houkes, S. J. A. Lochs, D. C. Swarts, P. Zheng, T. Kunne, P. Mohanraju, C. Anders, M. Jinek, J. van der Oost, M. J. Dickman and S. J. J. Brouns (2017)
Bacteriophage DNA glucosylation impairs target DNA binding by type I and II but not by type V CRISPR-Cas effector complexes
Nucleic Acids Res, Epub ahead of print
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K. Essig, D. Hu, J. C. Guimaraes, D. Alterauge, S. Edelmann, T. Raj, J. Kranich, G. Behrens, A. Heiseke, S. Floess, J. Klein, A. Maiser, S. Marschall, M. Hrabe de Angelis, H. Leonhardt, C. F. Calkhoven, E. Noessner, T. Brocker, J. Huehn, A. B. Krug, M. Zavolan, D. Baumjohann and V. Heissmeyer (2017)
Roquin Suppresses the PI3K-mTOR Signaling Pathway to Inhibit T Helper Cell Differentiation and Conversion of Treg to Tfr Cells
Immunity, 47 (6), 1067-1082 e12
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E. Sonnleitner, A. Wulf, S. Campagne, X. Y. Pei, M. T. Wolfinger, G. Forlani, K. Prindl, L. Abdou, A. Resch, F. H. Allain, B. F. Luisi, H. Urlaub and U. Blasi (2017)
Interplay between the catabolite repression control protein Crc, Hfq and RNA in Hfq-dependent translational regulation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Nucleic Acids Res, Epub ahead of print
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Y. Guri, M. Colombi, E. Dazert, S. K. Hindupur, J. Roszik, S. Moes, P. Jenoe, M. H. Heim, I. Riezman, H. Riezman and M. N. Hall (2017)
mTORC2 Promotes Tumorigenesis via Lipid Synthesis
Cancer Cell, 32 (6), 807-823 e12
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Z. T. Neeb and M. Nowacki (2017)
RNA-mediated transgenerational inheritance in ciliates and plants
Chromosoma, Epub ahead of print
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S. Berry, S. Rosa, M. Howard, M. Bühler and C. Dean (2017)
Disruption of an RNA-binding hinge region abolishes LHP1-mediated epigenetic repression
Genes Dev, 31 (21), 2115-2120
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F. Tang, P. Zhang, P. Ye, C. A. Lazarski, Q. Wu, I. L. Bergin, T. P. Bender, M. N. Hall, Y. Cui, L. Zhang, T. Jiang, Y. Liu and P. Zheng (2017)
A population of innate myelolymphoblastoid effector cell expanded by inactivation of mTOR complex 1 in mice
Elife, 6, e32497
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M. Zavolan and B. R. Graveley (2017)
RNAs: dynamic and mutable
Genome Biol, 18 (1), 226
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S. E. Allen and M. Nowacki (2017)
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Ciliates, Transposons, and Transgenerational Inheritance
Trends Genet, 33 (3), 197-207
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S. Reber, J. Mechtersheimer, S. Nasif, J. A. Benitez, M. Colombo, M. Domanski, D. Jutzi, E. Hedlund and M. D. Ruepp (2017)
CRISPR-Trap: A clean approach for the generation of gene knockouts and gene replacements in human cells
Mol Biol Cell, Epub ahead of print
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M. Sivaramakrishnan, K. D. McCarthy, S. Campagne, S. Huber, S. Meier, A. Augustin, T. Heckel, H. Meistermann, M. N. Hug, P. Birrer, A. Moursy, S. Khawaja, R. Schmucki, N. Berntenis, N. Giroud, S. Golling, M. Tzouros, B. Banfai, G. Duran-Pacheco, J. Lamerz, Y. Hsiu Liu, T. Luebbers, H. Ratni, M. Ebeling, A. Cléry, S. Paushkin, A. R. Krainer, F. H. Allain and F. Metzger (2017)
Binding to SMN2 pre-mRNA-protein complex elicits specificity for small molecule splicing modifiers
Nat Commun, 8 (1), 1476
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F. Voigt, J. Eglinger and J. A. Chao (2018)
Detection of the First Round of Translation: The TRICK Assay
Methods Mol Biol, 1649, 373-384
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C. Garcia-Doval and M. Jinek (2017)
Molecular architectures and mechanisms of Class 2 CRISPR-associated nucleases
Curr Opin Struct Biol, 47, 157-166
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J. Lagarde, B. Uszczynska-Ratajczak, S. Carbonell, S. Perez-Lluch, A. Abad, C. Davis, T. R. Gingeras, A. Frankish, J. Harrow, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
High-throughput annotation of full-length long noncoding RNAs with capture long-read sequencing
Nat Genet, 49 (12), 1731-1740
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N. Bozadjieva, M. Blandino-Rosano, J. Chase, X. Q. Dai, K. Cummings, J. Gimeno, D. Dean, A. C. Powers, G. K. Gittes, M. A. Ruegg, M. N. Hall, P. E. MacDonald and E. Bernal-Mizrachi (2017)
Loss of mTORC1 signaling alters pancreatic alpha cell mass and impairs glucagon secretion
J Clin Invest, Epub ahead of print
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M. E. Hughes, K. C. Abruzzi, R. Allada, R. Anafi, A. B. Arpat, G. Asher, P. Baldi, C. de Bekker, D. Bell-Pedersen, J. Blau, S. Brown, M. F. Ceriani, Z. Chen, J. C. Chiu, J. Cox, A. M. Crowell, J. P. DeBruyne, D. J. Dijk, L. DiTacchio, F. J. Doyle, G. E. Duffield, J. C. Dunlap, K. Eckel-Mahan, K. A. Esser, G. A. FitzGerald, D. B. Forger, L. J. Francey, Y. H. Fu, F. Gachon, D. Gatfield, P. de Goede, S. S. Golden, C. Green, J. Harer, S. Harmer, J. Haspel, M. H. Hastings, H. Herzel, E. D. Herzog, C. Hoffmann, C. Hong, J. J. Hughey, J. M. Hurley, H. O. de la Iglesia, C. Johnson, S. A. Kay, N. Koike, K. Kornacker, A. Kramer, K. Lamia, T. Leise, S. A. Lewis, J. Li, X. Li, A. C. Liu, J. J. Loros, T. A. Martino, J. S. Menet, M. Merrow, A. J. Millar, T. Mockler, F. Naef, E. Nagoshi, M. N. Nitabach, M. Olmedo, D. A. Nusinow, L. J. Ptacek, D. Rand, A. B. Reddy, M. S. Robles, T. Roenneberg, M. Rosbash, M. D. Ruben, S. S. C. Rund, A. Sancar, P. Sassone-Corsi, A. Sehgal, S. Sherrill-Mix, D. J. Skene, K. F. Storch, J. S. Takahashi, H. R. Ueda, H. Wang, C. Weitz, P. O. Westermark, H. Wijnen, Y. Xu, G. Wu, S. H. Yoo, M. Young, E. E. Zhang, T. Zielinski and J. B. Hogenesch (2017)
Guidelines for Genome-Scale Analysis of Biological Rhythms
J Biol Rhythms, 32 (5), 380-393
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C. Foglieni, S. Papin, A. Salvade, T. Afroz, S. Pinton, G. Pedrioli, G. Ulrich, M. Polymenidou and P. Paganetti (2017)
Split GFP technologies to structurally characterize and quantify functional biomolecular interactions of FTD-related proteins
Sci Rep, 7 (1), 14013
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M. I. Linder, M. Kohler, P. Boersema, M. Weberruss, C. Wandke, J. Marino, C. Ashiono, P. Picotti, W. Antonin and U. Kutay (2017)
Mitotic Disassembly of Nuclear Pore Complexes Involves CDK1- and PLK1-Mediated Phosphorylation of Key Interconnecting Nucleoporins
Dev Cell, 43 (2), 141-156 e7
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I. Horvathova, F. Voigt, A. V. Kotrys, Y. Zhan, C. G. Artus-Revel, J. Eglinger, M. B. Stadler, L. Giorgetti and J. A. Chao (2017)
The Dynamics of mRNA Turnover Revealed by Single-Molecule Imaging in Single Cells
Mol Cell, 68 (3), 615-625 e9
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G. Martin, R. Schmidt, A. J. Gruber, S. Ghosh, W. Keller and M. Zavolan (2017)
3' End Sequencing Library Preparation with A-seq2
J Vis Exp, 128
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C. Gmeiner, G. Dorn, F. H. T. Allain, G. Jeschke and M. Yulikov (2017)
Spin labelling for integrative structure modelling: a case study of the polypyrimidine-tract binding protein 1 domains in complexes with short RNAs
Phys Chem Chem Phys, 19 (41), 28360-28380
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M. N. Wojtas, R. R. Pandey, M. Mendel, D. Homolka, R. Sachidanandam and R. S. Pillai (2017)
Regulation of m6A Transcripts by the 3'to 5' RNA Helicase YTHDC2 Is Essential for a Successful Meiotic Program in the Mammalian Germline
Mol Cell, 68 (2), 374-387 e12
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D. Spies, P. F. Renz, T. A. Beyer and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Comparative analysis of differential gene expression tools for RNA sequencing time course data
Brief Bioinform, Epub ahead of print
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T. S. Miki, S. H. Carl and H. Grosshans (2017)
Two distinct transcription termination modes dictated by promoters
Genes Dev, 31 (18), 1870-1879
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J. Singer, H. J. Ruscheweyh, A. L. Hofmann, T. Thurnherr, F. Singer, N. C. Toussaint, C. K. Y. Ng, S. Piscuoglio, C. Beisel, G. Christofori, R. Dummer, M. N. Hall, W. Krek, M. Levesque, M. G. Manz, H. Moch, A. Papassotiropoulos, D. J. Stekhoven, P. Wild, T. Wust, B. Rinn and N. Beerenwinkel (2017)
NGS-pipe: a flexible, easily extendable, and highly configurable framework for NGS analysis
Bioinformatics, Epub ahead of print
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M. P. LaPierre and M. Stoffel (2017)
MicroRNAs as stress regulators in pancreatic beta cells and diabetes
Mol Metab, 6 (9), 1010-1023
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N. Diarra Dit Konté, M. Krepl, F. F. Damberger, N. Ripin, O. Duss, J. Šponer and F. H. Allain (2017)
Aromatic side-chain conformational switch on the surface of the RNA Recognition Motif enables RNA discrimination
Nat Commun, 8 (1), 654
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O. Mühlemann and E. D. Karousis (2017)
New functions in translation termination uncovered for NMD factor UPF3B
EMBO J, 36 (20), 2928-2930
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C. Gmeiner, D. Klose, E. Mileo, V. Belle, S. R. A. Marque, G. Dorn, F. H. T. Allain, B. Guigliarelli, G. Jeschke and M. Yulikov (2017)
Orthogonal Tyrosine and Cysteine Site-Directed Spin Labeling for Dipolar Pulse EPR Spectroscopy on Proteins
J Phys Chem Lett,8 (19), 4852-4857
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O. Niewoehner and M. Jinek (2017)
Specialized Weaponry: How a Type III-A CRISPR-Cas System Excels at Combating Phages
Cell Host Microbe, 22 (3), 258-259
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M. N. Hall (2017)
An Amazing Turn of Events
Cell, 171 (1), 18-22
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F. Item, S. Wueest, V. Lemos, S. Stein, F. C. Lucchini, R. Denzler, M. C. Fisser, T. D. Challa, E. Pirinen, Y. Kim, S. Hemmi, E. Gulbins, A. Gross, L. A. O'Reilly, M. Stoffel, J. Auwerx and D. Konrad (2017)
Fas cell surface death receptor controls hepatic lipid metabolism by regulating mitochondrial function
Nat Commun, 8 (1), 480
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N. Mittal, J. C. Guimaraes, T. Gross, A. Schmidt, A. Vina-Vilaseca, D. D. Nedialkova, F. Aeschimann, S. A. Leidel, A. Spang and M. Zavolan (2017)
The Gcn4 transcription factor reduces protein synthesis capacity and extends yeast lifespan
Nat Commun, 8 (1), 457
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S. Nasif, L. Contu and O. Mühlemann (2017)
Beyond quality control: The role of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) in regulating gene expression
Semin Cell Dev Biol, Epub ahead of print
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M. Niemann, A. Harsman, J. Mani, C. D. Peikert, S. Oeljeklaus, B. Warscheid, R. Wagner and A. Schneider (2017)
tRNAs and proteins use the same import channel for translocation across the mitochondrial outer membrane of trypanosomes
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114 (37), E7679-E7687
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C. Wenger, S. Oeljeklaus, B. Warscheid, A. Schneider and A. Harsman (2017)
A trypanosomal orthologue of an intermembrane space chaperone has a non-canonical function in biogenesis of the single mitochondrial inner membrane protein translocase
PLoS Pathog, 13 (8), e1006550
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R. R. Pandey, D. Homolka, K. M. Chen, R. Sachidanandam, M. O. Fauvarque and R. S. Pillai (2017)
Recruitment of Armitage and Yb to a transcript triggers its phased processing into primary piRNAs in Drosophila ovaries
PLoS Genet, 13 (8), e1006956
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S. Pawar, R. Ungricht, P. Tiefenboeck, J. C. Leroux and U. Kutay (2017)
Efficient protein targeting to the inner nuclear membrane requires atlastin-dependent maintenance of ER topology
Elife, 6:e28202
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S. Omidi, M. Zavolan, M. Pachkov, J. Breda, S. Berger and E. van Nimwegen (2017)
Automated incorporation of pairwise dependency in transcription factor binding site prediction using dinucleotide weight tensors
PLoS Comput Biol, 13 (7), e1005176
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M. Menzi, B. Wild, U. Pradere, A. Brunschweiger, A. L. Malinowska, H. L. Lightfoot and J. Hall (2017)
Towards improved oligonucleotide therapeutics through faster target binding kinetics
Chemistry, 23 (57), 14221-14230
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M. Weisser, T. Schäfer, M. Leibundgut, D. Böhringer, C. H. S. Aylett and N. Ban (2017)
Structural and Functional Insights into Human Re-initiation Complexes
Mol Cell, 67 (3), 447-456 e7
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O. Niewoehner, C. Garcia-Doval, J. T. Rostøl, C. Berk, F. Schwede, L. Bigler, J. Hall, L. A. Marraffini and M. Jinek (2017)
Type III CRISPR-Cas systems produce cyclic oligoadenylate second messengers
Nature, 548 (7669), 543-548
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D. I. Furrer, E. C. Swart, M. F. Kraft, P. Y. Sandoval and M. Nowacki (2017)
Two Sets of Piwi Proteins Are Involved in Distinct sRNA Pathways Leading to Elimination of Germline-Specific DNA
Cell Rep, 20 (2), 505-520
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M. Blandino-Rosano, R. Barbaresso, M. Jimenez-Palomares, N. Bozadjieva, J. P. Werneck-de-Castro, M. Hatanaka, R. G. Mirmira, N. Sonenberg, M. Liu, M. A. Rüegg, M. N. Hall and E. Bernal-Mizrachi (2017)
Loss of mTORC1 signalling impairs beta-cell homeostasis and insulin processing
Nat Commun, 8, 16014
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J. Hentschel, C. Burnside, I. Mignot, M. Leibundgut, D. Boehringer and N. Ban (2017)
The Complete Structure of the Mycobacterium smegmatis 70S Ribosome
Cell Rep, 20 (1), 149-160
Pubmed(external link)

T. Afroz, E. M. Hock, P. Ernst, C. Foglieni, M. Jambeau, L. A. B. Gilhespy, F. Laferriere, Z. Maniecka, A. Plückthun, P. Mittl, P. Paganetti, F. H. T. Allain and M. Polymenidou (2017)
Functional and dynamic polymerization of the ALS-linked protein TDP-43 antagonizes its pathologic aggregation
Nat Commun, 8 (1), 45
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D. Benjamin and M. N. Hall (2017)
mTORC1 Controls Synthesis of Its Activator GTP
Cell Rep, 19 (13), 2643-2644
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M. Schubert, T. Aeschbacher, M. Zierke, M. Smiesko, M. Collot, J. M. Mallet, B. Ernst and F. H. Allain (2017)
A secondary structure element present in a wide range of fucosylated glycoepitopes
Chemistry, 23 (48), 11598-11610
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G. Palermo, Y. Miao, R. C. Walker, M. Jinek and J. A. McCammon (2017)
CRISPR-Cas9 conformational activation as elucidated from enhanced molecular simulations
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, Epub ahead of print
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I. Beusch, P. Barraud, A. Moursy, A. Cléry and F. H. Allain (2017)
Tandem hnRNP A1 RNA recognition motifs act in concert to repress the splicing of survival motor neuron exon 7
Elife, 6:e25736
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V. Flury, P. R. Georgescu, V. Iesmantavicius, Y. Shimada, T. Kuzdere, S. Braun and M. Bühler (2017)
The Histone Acetyltransferase Mst2 Protects Active Chromatin from Epigenetic Silencing by Acetylating the Ubiquitin Ligase Brl1
Mol Cell, 67 (2), 294-307 e9
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S. E. Allen, I. Hug, S. Pabian, I. Rzeszutek, C. Hoehener and M. Nowacki (2017)
Circular Concatemers of Ultra-Short DNA Segments Produce Regulatory RNAs
Cell, 168(6), 990-999 e7
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E. Sasaki, D. Böhringer, M. van de Waterbeemd, M. Leibundgut, R. Zschoche, A. J. Heck, N. Ban and D. Hilvert (2017)
Structure and assembly of scalable porous protein cages
Nat Commun, 8, 14663
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D. Cirera-Salinas, M. Bodak and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Versatility of DGCR8 controls stem cell fate
Cell Cycle, 16 (8), 729-730
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A. Lanzos, J. Carlevaro-Fita, L. Mularoni, F. Reverter, E. Palumbo, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
Discovery of Cancer Driver Long Noncoding RNAs across 1112 Tumour Genomes: New Candidates and Distinguishing Features
Sci Rep, 7, 41544
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B. Malone, I. Atanassov, F. Aeschimann, X. Li, H. Grosshans and C. Dieterich (2017)
Bayesian prediction of RNA translation from ribosome profiling
Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (6), 2960-2972
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G. Balistreri, C. Bognanni and O. Mühlemann (2017)
Virus Escape and Manipulation of Cellular Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay
Viruses, 9 (1)
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F. Piccinini, T. Balassa, A. Szkalisity, C. Molnar, L. Paavolainen, K. Kujala, K. Buzas, M. Sarazova, V. Pietiainen, U. Kutay, K. Smith and P. Horvath (2017)
Advanced Cell Classifier: User-Friendly Machine-Learning-Based Software for Discovering Phenotypes in High-Content Imaging Data
Cell Syst, 4 (6), 651-655 e5
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R. Ungricht and U. Kutay (2017)
Mechanisms and functions of nuclear envelope remodelling
Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, 18 (4), 229-245
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M. Bolten, C. Vahlensieck, C. Lipp, M. Leibundgut, N. Ban and E. Weber-Ban (2017)
Depupylase Dop requires Inorganic Phosphate in the Active Site for Catalysis
J Biol Chem, 292 (10), 4044-4053
Pubmed(external link)

M. Bodak, D. Cirera-Salinas, J. Luitz and C. Ciaudo (2017)
The role of RNA interference in stem cell biology: Beyond the mutant phenotypes
J Mol Biol, 429 (10), 1532-1543
Pubmed(external link)

J. M. Wenda, D. Homolka, Z. Yang, P. Spinelli, R. Sachidanandam, R. R. Pandey and R. S. Pillai (2017)
Distinct Roles of RNA Helicases MVH and TDRD9 in PIWI Slicing-Triggered Mammalian piRNA Biogenesis and Function
Dev Cell, 41 (6), 623-637 e9
Pubmed(external link)

V. Castelo-Szekely, A. B. Arpat, P. Janich and D. Gatfield (2017)
Translational contributions to tissue specificity in rhythmic and constitutive gene expression
Genome Biol, 18 (1), 116
Pubmed(external link)

P. Knuckles, S. H. Carl, M. Musheev, C. Niehrs, A. Wenger and M. Bühler (2017)
RNA fate determination through cotranscriptional adenosine methylation and microprocessor binding
Nat Struct Mol Biol, 24 (7), 561-569
Pubmed(external link)

S. Silva, D. Homolka and R. S. Pillai (2017)
Characterization of the mammalian RNA Exonuclease 5/NEF-sp as a testis-specific nuclear 3' to 5' exoribonuclease
RNA,23 (9), 1385-1392
Pubmed(external link)

A. Jomaa, Y. H. Fu, D. Boehringer, M. Leibundgut, S. O. Shan and N. Ban (2017)
Structure of the quaternary complex between SRP, SR, and translocon bound to the translating ribosome
Nat Commun, 8, 15470
Pubmed(external link)

M. Krepl, M. Blatter, A. Cléry, F. F. Damberger, F. H. T. Allain and J. Sponer (2017)
Structural study of the Fox-1 RRM protein hydration reveals a role for key water molecules in RRM-RNA recognition
Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (13), 8046-8063
Pubmed(external link)

C. D. Peikert, J. Mani, M. Morgenstern, S. Käser, B. Knapp, C. Wenger, A. Harsman, S. Oeljeklaus, A. Schneider and B. Warscheid (2017)
Charting organellar importomes by quantitative mass spectrometry
Nat Commun, 8, 15272
Pubmed(external link)

F. Sinturel, A. Gerber, D. Mauvoisin, J. Wang, D. Gatfield, J. J. Stubblefield, C. B. Green, F. Gachon and U. Schibler (2017)
Diurnal Oscillations in Liver Mass and Cell Size Accompany Ribosome Assembly Cycles
Cell, 169 (4), 651-663 e14
Pubmed(external link)

D. C. Swarts, J. van der Oost and M. Jinek (2017)
Structural Basis for Guide RNA Processing and Seed-Dependent DNA Targeting by CRISPR-Cas12a
Mol Cell, 66 (2), 221-233 e4
Pubmed(external link)

Y. Gonskikh and N. Polacek (2017)
Alterations of the translation apparatus during aging and stress response
Mech Ageing Dev, 168, 30-36
Pubmed(external link)

Y. Dimitrova, A. J. Gruber, N. Mittal, S. Ghosh, B. Dimitriades, D. Mathow, W. A. Grandy, G. Christofori and M. Zavolan (2017)
TFAP2A is a component of the ZEB1/2 network that regulates TGFB1-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Biol Direct, 12 (1), 8
Pubmed(external link)

C. Montellese, N. Montel-Lehry, A. K. Henras, U. Kutay, P. E. Gleizes and M. F. O'Donohue (2017)
Poly(A)-specific ribonuclease is a nuclear ribosome biogenesis factor involved in human 18S rRNA maturation
Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (11), 6822-6836
Pubmed(external link)

D. Mas-Ponte, J. Carlevaro-Fita, E. Palumbo, T. Hermoso Pulido, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
LncATLAS database for subcellular localisation of long noncoding RNAs
RNA, 23 (7), 1080-1087
Pubmed(external link)

A. Vancevska, K. M. Douglass, V. Pfeiffer, S. Manley and J. Lingner (2017)
The telomeric DNA damage response occurs in the absence of chromatin decompaction
Genes Dev, 31 (6), 567-577
Pubmed(external link)

M. Koch, J. Willi, U. Pradère, J. Hall and N. Polacek (2017)
Critical 23S rRNA interactions for macrolide-dependent ribosome stalling on the ErmCL nascent peptide chain
Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (11), 6717-6728
Pubmed(external link)

G. Dorn, A. Leitner, J. Boudet, S. Campagne, C. von Schroetter, A. Moursy, R. Aebersold and F. H. Allain (2017)
Structural modeling of protein-RNA complexes using crosslinking of segmentally isotope-labeled RNA and MS/MS
Nat Methods, 14 (5), 487-490
Pubmed(external link)

B. Samatanga, A. Cléry, P. Barraud, F. H. Allain and I. Jelesarov (2017)
Comparative analyses of the thermodynamic RNA binding signatures of different types of RNA recognition motifs
Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (10), 6037-6050
Pubmed(external link)

J. Yu and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Vector Integration Sites Identification for Gene-Trap Screening in Mammalian Haploid Cells
Sci Rep, 7, 44736
Pubmed(external link)

U. Pradère, F. Halloy and J. Hall (2017)
Chemical synthesis of long RNAs with terminal 5'-phosphate groups
Chemistry, 23 (22), 5210-5213
Pubmed(external link)

A. Cléry, T. J. M. Sohier, T. Welte, A. Langer and F. H. T. Allain (2017)
switchSENSE: A new technology to study protein-RNA interactions
Methods, 118-119, 137-145
Pubmed(external link)

C. Pulido-Quetglas, E. Aparicio-Prat, C. Arnan, T. Polidori, T. Hermoso, E. Palumbo, J. Ponomarenko, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
Scalable Design of Paired CRISPR Guide RNAs for Genomic Deletion
PLoS Comput Biol, 13 (3), e1005341
Pubmed(external link)

J. Y. Tan, A. A. Smith, M. Ferreira da Silva, C. Matthey-Doret, R. Rueedi, R. Sonmez, D. Ding, Z. Kutalik, S. Bergmann and A. C. Marques (2017)
cis-Acting Complex-Trait-Associated lincRNA Expression Correlates with Modulation of Chromosomal Architecture
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